Special Relationship with NextGen

MPMS has a special relationship with a local NextGen Enterprise System that is a great solution for some physicians

  • MPMS will bill on any practice management software, however, MPMS does have access to a NextGen enterprise system that it can offer to clients.
  • NextGen is a big player in the practice management and electronic medical record software in the United States.
  • NextGen has one of the most popular electronic medical records available on the market.
  • NextGen has a very intuitive scheduling and front desk system.
  • Their practice management side is one of the best.
  • NextGen has an internal, fully secure intranet for fast communication between users.
  • NextGen is an enterprise-wide system, so in areas where there are already other users on the system, demographics of a patient seen somewhere, are readily available.
  • Patient account and report information is available to clients offices, real-time.
  • It has one to the best report writing system for practice management data.
  • Click Here for more information on NextGen.

MPMS has 13 Certified Professional Coders, 2 Certified Professional Medical Auditors, and 1 Certified Professional Biller on staff.