MPMS Accounts Receivable follow-up provides ways to minimize overdue accounts, improve clinic operations, and keep accounts receivable under control. In order to do this, it is MPMS' main goal to:

  • Work closely with each practice to have superior front desk processes to maximize the number of clean claims filed.
  • Monitor and provide monthly reports on the number of claims filed and the number of claims submitted that weren’t clean.
  • Work denied claims within 48 hours of being notified they have been denied.
  • Follow up on self-pay accounts with no response from the patient at 60 days.
  • Double check all accounts with balances over 60 days past due to be sure action is being taken to resolve issues.
  • Document all actions the system allows so clients have access to whatever action MPMS has taken.
  • Review returned mail for action within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Review credit balances each month and collaborate with the client for their resolution.
  • Strive for less than 10% of accounts receivable being over 120 days old.

MPMS processes approximately 40,000 encounters per month.