Medical Practice Management Services has earned an exceptional reputation within the healthcare community.

MPMS services are delivered with unsurpassed professionalism, integrity and quality. Furthermore, we strive for a collaborative and seamless effort between each client's office. We want to be a part of each client's incredible success story. Click on our services below to learn more.


  • Post charges and payments.
  • Apply and monitor all payer and bad debt adjustments.
  • Submit electronic billing daily for insurance payers, and paper claims when necessary.
  • Receive payments electronically from payers when possible.
  • Process denial and return mail.
  • Follow up on unpaid insurance claims.
  • Manage self-pay collections.
  • Audit credit balances.
  • Handle collection agency interactions.
  • Address patient inquires.
  • Respond quickly to provider inquires.
  • Assist in the creation of competitive fee schedules.
  • Perform coding audits.
  • Perform documentation reviews.
  • Provide monthly reports, clearly delineating the status of accounts receivable.
  • Perform credentialing work for providers.
  • Assist practice with payer reimbursement negotiations.

Monthly Fees:

  • The cost for basic billing services are included in the monthly billing fee. The billing fee is a percent of the money collected minus refunds.
  • MPMS can vary billing fee rates and/or additional services fees depending on what services practices would like MPMS to provide.
  • Costs to be considered:
    • Statement costs and postage
    • Software licenses
    • Clearinghouse costs
    • Software training costs for billing, scheduling, and reception
    • Connectivity to practice management system
    • Contracting payer negotiation services
    • Credentialing services
    • Coding services for encounters

Compliance and Confidentiality:

  • Compliance services are part of the monthly billing fee.
  • All MPMS services meet HIPAA privacy and security regulations.
  • MPMS can provide a copy of a billing and coding compliance plan document if requested.
  • MPMS addresses any compliance issues suspected by either party with the expediency that such issues warrant.
  • MPMS understands that compliance in billing requires collaboration between both offices.
  • At the onset of service, MPMS and the client shall formally sign a Business Associate Agreement.

How to Get Started:

  • At the onset, MPMS needs accounts receivable information from the client so that MPMS can determine the monthly billing rate.
  • Ideally, MPMS will need to know the number of encounters, charges, payments, adjustments from a recent 12 month period.
  • Additionally, MPMS would like, if available, the payer mix including a breakdown percentage of Medicare, Medicaid, commercial payers, self pay, etc, as well as an aging analysis and credit balance analysis at the end of said 12 month period.
  • MPMS would like your assessment of status of accounts receivable and current major issues you are facing.
  • MPMS will also want to discuss if there are any additional services each client may want other than the basic accounts receivable work.

Once MPMS has determined the monthly billing fee rate and any additional services a client wants, MPMS will then put together a Billing Service Agreement.

MPMS can generally begin services within 30 days of a signed Billing Service Agreement. These have been done faster in some circumstances. MPMS wants to be sure to establish a timeline so cash flow won’t be interrupted.

MPMS processed over 450,000 encounters last year.